Statement Regarding New York City Mayor de Blasio’s Preliminary Executive Budget

The following can be attributed to Empire State Pride Agenda’s Executive Director Nathan M. Schaefer:

(New York, NY)

“Mayor de Blasio made New York City proud today with the release of the city’s preliminary budget for 2014. Delivering on his campaign promise to address the crisis of runaway and homeless youth – which disproportionately impacts the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community – the proposed budget adds 75 shelter beds at $1.3 million in 2014 and $2.4 million next year. The work of partner organizations in the Campaign for Youth Shelter and the Ali Forney Center underscores the urgent need for more beds for our most vulnerable. We urge the City Council to adopt this budget and consider how much more is still needed until every young person has a warm bed in which to start and end their day.

We also applaud the Mayor for his proposal to offset rent so that those living with HIV/AIDS won’t have to contribute more than 30% of their income to pay for housing. We know that keeping people in their homes gives them the best possible chance of a brighter and healthier today and tomorrow. From thinking of education for our youngest New Yorkers to the proposed creation of an Independent NYPD Inspector General to ensure our law enforcement is fair and just, Mayor de Blasio, while still new in his term, has already proven that he stands up for all New Yorkers.

We encourage the New York City Council to approve these important resources and carry them through to the final budget for 2014.”